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Self defence training has become the need for the individuals in the present time in order to stay safe and secure from the enemies and miscreants. There are different types of self defence tactics which can help you to fight for your protection. Krav Maga is one of the most popular self defence systems which help in dealing with all types of attacks and violence. This type of training was first developed in Israel military self protection, self- defence and fighting. This form of self defence is very easy to learn and adopt. It is unique in terms of teachings and techniques used.

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There are many self defence training institutes from where you can learn about the Krav Maga.  Check out for the detailed outline of Krav Maga courses offered by different training schools so that you can select the best.

Know about Krav Maga

Krav Maga is about fighting dirty. It is learning no-holds-barred body moves in a realistic environment.  You can use everything you have at that instant to protect yourself. Other forms of martial arts are greatly inspired from the animal moves and their techniques for combating in the event of dangers but Krav Maga is inspired by the reflexive actions of humans. It is not inspired or learnt from the other forms of martial arts which can be used as the sports also. Krav Maga is solely for self defense and self protection from the sudden enemy attacks and unpredictable violence against you.

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